soyunpark // exhibition designer

born in South Korea
currently living in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


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MOTAT Love/Science
Auckland, July 2021

Love / Science explores innovation in Aotearoa, highlighting the human stories that inspired it and the science that made it possible.

From Antarctic adventures to harakeke surfboards, the humble cup of tea to medical milestones, Love / Science showcases technology that has saved, changed, and influenced our lives for the better.
- Museum of Transport and Technology

︎Exhibition designed by Workshop E and delivered by MOTAT
Designer - Soyun Park

2020 Dubai Expo Mobility Pavilion
Dubai 2021

Opening in Sept 2021

Immersive experience designed and delivered by Weta Workshop LBE

Image credit - Dubai Expo

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Opening postponed due to Covid-19

Exhibition designed by Weta Workshop LBE

Secret world of Butterflies
Auckland War Memorial Museum
SAT 9 JUN 2018 - SUN 17 FEB 2019

The exhibition explores the science of butterflies such as metamorphosis, anatomy and habitat and is perfect for young explorers and lovers of the natural world.
- Auckland War Memorial Museum 

Exhibition designed by Workshop E and delivered by AWMM
Designer : Soyun Park
Image credit - AWMM, Interior Systems

A showcase of New Zealand’s rich history with the multi-sensory experiences.

︎ Awards
Museums Aotearoa Awards, 2016 - Winner, Best Museum Project

Exhibition designed and delivered by Workshope
Designer - Soyun Park, Andrew Thomas
Image credit - Workshope